you throw down like the grass reversed gravity


I lag I lag – but life has been busy during my birthday weekend, and even into the week.  Who knew that I had so many things to get accomplished during regular life?  Work, landing (hopefully) an internship, figuring out photography between places, driving tests, doctors appointments, translations, hangouts and screenings.

It seems pretty wacked out right now… but I’m liking it.

There’s not much more news right now, everything is just very quick and at it.  Our living room floors got redone yesterday (a day full of saws and hammers and omgthenoise) but then a Greek dinner with the boyfriend.  Lovely. I got my fancy zoom lens for my Canon today – that’ll put a quick hurt on your bank balance.  Ouch.

But my grandparents are covering it, so I’ll be okay (I hope).

I don’t like when certain things happen at work though.  I’m going to give you guys the situation I was in:  I usually work Thursdays and Saturday nights.  Lady A works Tuesday and Wednesday nights.  Lady A just texted me today asking me if I can work her Tuesday night, because she needs to be at the hospital really early the next day.  Now, barring the fact that she needs to go to the hospital because this fact makes me seem like a heartless bitch, she wants to work my Thursday night in exchange. I text her saying not to worry about Thursday night because I need the hours.  Then she says she needs them too and would it be okay if we just switched?

Okay, see, the issue I have with this is that I am doing her a favour by taking her night, but why should I be “forced” to give up my night?  That’s not doing me any favours.  That’s not beneficial to me at all.  Bugger. I would have insisted on keeping my night but the whole hospital thing stopped me. I would have felt like an epic jerk.  But I’m just tired of being the young girl that gets pushed around all of the time because people have “adult situations”.  Fuck that – I have my nights that I need to work and I’m not going to be pushed around by anyone – if you want me to take your night, sure, but I’m not giving up my usual nights.

Grrr…… or maybe I’m just being too protective, because I still only work 2 days a week and I haven’t found a 2nd job.

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll come up with something more interesting to say in a while, but everyone’s all over the place trying to set dates to see each other and it’s just chaotic. Oy vey.  Why is everyone going on vacation but me?  😦  Lucky bastards.

Also: the Canadian health system can SUCK MY OVARIES.  Wow. But I’ll save this ridiculous disappointment for another day.

Love you all, miss you all,



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