hello post-teen syndrome

So, I’m 20.  Don’t scoff, laugh, or otherwise point out that to you worldly ones, 20 is a speck in the big rock picture of life.  I don’t care.

I like 20.  20 is good, it is even and fair and balanced.  It is a good year, and the fact that I was born in ’90, and proceed to match up my decades with life’s decades makes my inner non-logician happy.  This year, I feel like big changes are going to come my way.  Big, epic “I-worked-for-this-and-thoroughly-deserve-it” changes.

I am going to stop being petty.

Okay, I will try to stop being petty.  I will withhold all judgement until I can take a 360 oversee of whatever I’m surveying.  As always, I will endeavour to love deeply and write beautifully, about everything.

I am ready for this age, I’ve been waiting for it for 19 years and 364 days.  It is for me, this “twenty”.

My muscles have more or less stabilized, I seem to be growing a backbone and a mood-manager simultaneously, and I am full to spilling with joy about things.  I am trying to pick the right opportunities – everything else will lead me either into temptation or absolute sensationalism.

Sorry for the 4 day lag in posts… I’ve been up to my eyelashes in work (exam, 2 full days of bar).  Now, I’m free! Tonight, the Toronto Poetry Slam Finals at Hugh’s Room.  The event is sold out (obvi) and I’m excited I finally got a seat this year.  I’m taking my parents, and prior to that my mother and I are getting manicures (first time ever omgz?).  I personally think that this is a perfect start to 20.

Tomorrow I’m going to Burn the Floor – a broadway dance performance thing – I’m so excited! I’ve never seen that sort of dancing live before and I absolutely love it, so it should be quite exciting.  Plus I hear some (Russian) people from So You Think You Can Dance are in it, which should give me brownie points with peeps.

🙂 Right now, it’s showering time and then I’m going to go bring my sister to  test out my new camera in the conservation area nearby.  It’s so beautiful! Drooling over it – and I can’t wait to get the lens that I ordered next week.  I want to see the difference.  Feel it. I’ve wanted a DSLR for the longest time – now I have to learn how to use it.  But I had a mental checklist going for all the things I would love to add to it, and I’m definitely getting a polarizing filter – I think that’ll be great for landscapes, and thanks to Understanding Colour, NATS 1870, I now understand what the hell polarized light is and why it changes the look of things.  Cool, huh? Maybe that course wasn’t totally useless.

I'm pretty - love me!

PSYCH! It was still a waste of time.

🙂 I missed you guys, hopefully you’ll be hearing more from me now that things have +/- calmed down.


PS My barlady yesterday got me a big bouquet of flowers, which I thought was possibly the sweetest thing I have ever had done for me (apart from some of the stuff my boyfriend does.. which I will have to fill you all in on sometimes – he’s a cheeseball through and through [which I love]).



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