self-indulgence, meow meow meow

Two things:

for twitterers, you will all know that I have recently purchased a pair of beautiful boots and I am SUPER excited, even though I used my own credit card for it.  Because see, a few months ago I was a credit-less 19 year old girl.  NOW I can get into at LEAST $600 worth of debt within the month.  I don’t live as nutsily as that, because well, I wouldn’t be able to climb out of a hole that big, much less make enough money to build steps out of it in order t0 get out.

I'm pretty. Look at my laces. It's like I'm happy. But better.

See? Doesn’t that make you feel better about your day? It does me.  Also, on SALE.  Hello. I just hope they fit now.

2nd Thing: I made Spaghetti and Meatballs according to this recipe today, for my fam jam, as per usual.  It took me a lot longer than they prescribed because I kept having issues with my frying pans and because my meatballs were EPICALLY giant, they were impossible to fit into one pan, thus extending cooking time, making me frustrated, and causing a general eruption of salivating hungerness from my family.  This is illustrated below.  I also made some Brownies, which I’m not too crazy about since I usually don’t like sweet food like that, but prefer more of a myriad of quick sweet treats.  But, they’re all well and full of chocolatey/sugar content goodness.  Enough to make your heart AND your stomach hurt. And isn’t that really the point?

It would eat me if it had a face. Or a digestive system.

Overall, when I make a good dish I feel pretty satisfied with my day.  Tomorrow, studying/shopping with the boyfriend.  I’m excited, I need a few things (ie. a hundred) for spring….. and I’m kinda flush full of happy wallet things (cheese), so that’s definitely tempting.  I’m not very good at curbing my excitement for spending all of my hard-earned money.  CLOTHES.

That’s all.  That wasn’t really informative or anything important or even interesting,


Shoes and Meatballs.

Hmm… that’s a contender to switch it up from Russian Ramblings, non?  Oui?  Comme-si comme-ca?

Also, I wish all of the wonderful people that take the time to read my posts would comment.  I know you come here! I see the page count rise and rise and rise (ok not really that much, but enough) and nobody ever says anything :(.  It’s like a sadder version of cyber-stalking…. like Facebook without the face.

The best thing about blogs is that you can comment on them, isn’t it? I mean, maybe my writing’s just not exciting enough, I don’t know. Or I don’t have a “writing niche”…. but I can’t! I’m interested in everything, even though that’s not always represented well here…. which is my fault, I know.  I… just.. comment…. please? 😦




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