Hello from April 14th, 2010

Well, it’s that time again, isn’t it?  The end of contractions, underlined and/or italicized book names and books in the dark crevices under your bed, collecting dust and guilt like snowflakes from your soul.  Well, not the book part, but definitely no more underlining. I hate that stuff. Looks like someone’s trying to very ostentatiously make you look important.  Look, I am important.

I have finished my last essay of 2nd year! And I only have one more exam to go until the absolute end of my 2nd year of university.  I guess I lied about italics.  I really like italicizing everything. I also really like the end of a school year. My grandfather thinks I should call school, “university”… he gets confused about my age when I call it school.  Speaking of age: 10 days till 20!

While I’m not absolutely positive about my grade in my “natural science” course, stupidly named “Understanding Colour,”  I am happy that I’m done, and that I really, really hopefully passed.  Really x 20.

I mean, I spent all day (12-8) studying yesterday, and yet when  I looked at some of the questions today I wondered whether I was even studying the right subject (turns out, I was).  The way I study tends to be pretty generalized though, especially if I’ve left it to such a late date as the day before the exam.  My problem was that I didn’t know some of the specifics of the theories.  But whatever, who cares how calico cats get their colour, or how the eyes of cephalopods work? Nobody. That’s who.  They just put that shit on there so that you feel like you’re a walking interpretation of the Discovery Channel.  Will it help you get a job? No, and more importantly, will it help me get a job? Absolutely not.  Definitely not in the restaurant biz, anyway.

It’s too bad I didn’t apply to camp this year, maybe it wouldn’t have been so bad to do half day camp along with a few nights per week serving.  But, on the other hand maybe I should appreciate the space and sky I might accumulate this summer.  It will be nice to have time to myself.  Maybe I will get acquainted with my birthday present (I am so excited for it!) (“it” being Canon Rebel xsi), and just.. for one of the last times in my young life have a relatively relaxed summer.

It’s nice that I can afford to do that, since I know many others pretty much have to take up any full-time job they get offered.  But I’m also doing a bit of writing in the summer, getting some credentials and all, so that will be helpful.  And not a complete waste of warm weather, beautiful sunshine, relaxation and happiness.

However, as I have to wait a good long 2 and a half more hours for my club meeting to begin,I’m going to go and get myself a tea and divest some time to writing, which I haven’t done in OMGso long.  Yes. That is what I’m going to do. And I am going to love it.  As will you, masses who have suffered from my inability to post poetry or anything creative lately because I’ve been completely brain-dead. As will you.

Carry on with your fantastic Wednesdays!



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