sea monsters, exams, and fake kittens?

I just woke up, and since I’m still in that foggy “my life isn’t the same as it was when I went to bed” mood, I thought I should write them (my dreams) down.

Well, clearly, since it’s exam season, I started off in a tiny little white room trying to write 3 exams.  For some reason, the guy in the room in front of me SABOTAGED my papers, ie. gave me the wrong ones.  So when I went outside to go track down my prof (who was my hunky grade 12 history teacher?) he said that nothing could be done because I had left my room and it wasn’t fair to all the other students.  I kept protesting that I didn’t understand why it wasn’t fair and HERE’s where it gets interesting.  A giant Asian sort of worm-dragon-slimy-giant blue thing TORE through the normal exam hall (as opposed to the retard solitary room I was apparently in), breathing ice on everyone and tearing the building down.  Actually, it was just a room.  I didn’t get a sense of what the building looked like.

Anyway, this beast was followed by a big worm-dragon-slimy-giant RED thing that breathed FIRE.  Together they stopped at the exit of the exam hall and kept freezing the door by breathing on it… at this point I’m not sure whether I was on their side or not but I was definitely on their side of the door.  I’m pretty sure they were good guys, with their destruction of the exam and all.

So, we go down the hallway as though we’re running away from something, slipping and sliding towards life or death (except I don’t recall anything but my dread of failing out of university=life chasing us).  We end up on a giant semi-circle cove.  On the right side there is a Greek castle built around the rocks, and on the left nothing but the cliff face.  The 2 monsters sit below the castle where there is a walkway, and then MILLIONS OF OTHER CREATURES POP UP FROM THE SEA AND SIT AROUND THE cove.  They range from small to big, queerly useful to absolutely frightening.  They group together by species, but there’s one that keeps on picking on everyone, and they get called out by Big Blue Monster and start fighting in the water in front of everyone.  It feels like bullfights in Spain, or Gladiator – everyone is cheering, except I’m clearly in outer space, or have completely lost my mind.

At this point I drearily open my eyes to the glaring sunlight streaming on my head in my room to switch to the other side of my pillow.  I remind myself again to go get blinds so I can sleep in peace.  I am not pleased, and my stomach is still doing little gurglings of not-hunger.  Why, stomach?

I drift off into a haze.  I’m in a long hallway, much like the one we ran off down from the exam, except this time I walk into a sitting room of a doctor’s office.  There is a tiny little kitten on a leash and it looks really sad, and sick, so I pick up the leash and when I get frustrated of sitting in the waiting room I walk downstairs to the vet (clearly).  Halfway down the stairs I notice that I’m dragging along a TOY KITTEN. Why I thought this was a REAL BREATHING CAT I don’t know.  It is a toy.  And I look insane, although after the exam I haven’t encountered any other human beings in my dream.

Analysis: I am absolutely, without a doubt, as right as a republican, almost certified, BONKERS. I have gone crazy.  Or I need to not eat fish when I have the stomach flu-ish-like symptoms.  Fish really is not happy to be in me and clearly I have nightmares about giant transformer-like fish, which means well, I’m not happy about fish being in me, or around me, or wanting to kill me, you know.

There was lots of emotions yesterday, after I stopped writing my craptastic essay.  I will write more on that later.  Or not.  This should suffice for my readers until then.  SERIOUSLY.  The dreams I have sometimes.  Did you guys hear about the one where My friends and I were all skating in a barn and then turned into TRANSFORMERS (before the movie was even out) and then we went CAROLING in October on a Main Street in my town, only to come to the last house (which is clearly a shoe store, in reality) and have dinner with the grandparents that live in Russia?  Yeah. Well, another story, another time.  Currently, I need to go take care of my aching belly.   Poor baby.  Giving me bad dreams.


PS. Now my life feels a little bit more normal, after I’ve told you all that.  But not much.


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