thinking about food when I can’t eat

Yeah, so this is what I get for trying to help a girl out – puking, work, puking, sleep.  A co-worker (Usual Daytime Girl) of mine mentioned how she was sick on Thursday and I thought – well! Why the hell not! So I worked Thursday night, went to bed a little tired/hungry, and then woke up Friday morning only to have no car, no ride to work, and a grumbling belly.

That belly turned my banana and cereal inside out about an hour after waking, at which point my mommy phoned and said she could drop me to work.  Of course, I told her my dilemma.  I didn’t want to NOT go because I always have incredible guilt trips about letting down people that depended on me to work (plus the barlady of the Friday really wanted me to work, since she respects my mad serving skillz), but I just puked up my breakfast, and then some.  I hate the feeling of letting people down.  Seriously.  I feel like if I promise something, I better freaking come through.  My boyfriend is not of the same mindset and when I called him halfway through my shift with “Uhh.. I feel like throwing up” he just asked me why the hell I went to work in the first place.  Well, to tell you the truth I thought the banana was the culprit, and since it was now out of my system, I figured that it would all be okay.

Well, my friends. It was not.  I was groggy and nauseous all day, and if you know our bar, you know that Friday lunchtime is EPICLY busy – like you can’t turn your head without finding something else to do busy.  And then after that you get the happy hour crowd – but I didn’t manage to stick around till then.  Friday Barlady kept telling me how sick I look and on and thank goodness Friday Evening Waitress came early because I would have died if I had to stay there till 5.  I ate like 3 cracked 4 hours after work and barfed em aaaaaaaaaaallllllllllll up. Along with the charcoal that my mom made me eat to “clean my intestines”.  I wish I were kidding.  It made my puke like a deep green/black.  I totally didn’t realize why until my mom told me – I was freaking out prior to that because I thought like my entire insides had ruptured and somehow sucked in all the second-hand smoke I’d ever breathed and coloured all my organs and I was dying.

Anyway – at least I earned some serious change yesterday – when the new bar owners come into power (sounds like some sort of coup-d’etat) I hope I can convince them to give me a few day shifts in the summer so I can earn some more cash and help Day Barlady make some more green as well.  I mean – better servers make more money – and I am a better server with no more school to hinder me.

Anyway, today is rest day, which in my life means that it is time to start writing/researching for my final English essay.  Also The Boyfriend will pop by to cheer me up (although I’m pretty cheerful as is, not having thrown up my Turkey Noodle Soup sans Turkey), which will be nice.  When I told him I spent all night yesterday looking up recipes/restaurants and planning menus for the summer he, I imagined gave me a very confused plus exhasperated face, like “You’re-throwing-up-any-morcel-of-food-you-eat-and-are-still-looking-for-food-online?”  But I mean, I can’t help it.  I ate 3 FRIGGEN CRACKERS and they left the same way they came.

Nom nom nom.

No satisfaction.  Whereas the joy from my favourite Korean side, Kimchi, and the absolute thrill of making it yourself is absolutely palpable.  I also love Orzo salads…. They’re like pasta that look like rice but are fantastic when kicked up with some feta and olives. Drool.  Doesn’t it look delicious?

When I get my birthday camera I’m sooo going to start taking pictures of my food.  Since I actually cook pretty well.  And LOVE eating.

Oh, eating. I miss thou.



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