so… i am good to google maps, but it is not good to me.

You see, last night was supposed to be full of wonderfulness and fugitive-like proposals at concerts, but instead, oysters!  Because me and my boyfriend are usually pretty location-savvy, we decided to go hunt out The Garrison for our lonely selves – a plan that went awry very very soon after we hit Ossington.  Since his iPod decided to not find any WiFi spots and my father is essentially a soul-crusher by delivering the “Oh, The Garrison is actually in Mississauga,” line, we ended up wandering around Dufferin and Dundas for an hour while donning our “Please don’t shoot us” faces.

I mean – I was READY, and I mean READY for that show. And yet, with my new the-devil-may-care-but-I-certainly-don’t attitude (it helps me spill over life’s bumps a little easier), I first decided to hit up Hugh’s Room for MadViolet’s concert, and then countered that (walking there in heels? I don’t think so) by going down to Queen for some dinner.  I have wanted to try Oyster Boy ever since I saw the restaurant name on blogTO, whose restaurant reviews I have used more than several times for downtown dining.  I envisioned it to be a little bit more lively-kind-of-surfer-shack rather then the haute-oyster-with-wine place it was.  I mean, I should have seen this coming: oysters aren’t the chicken wings the boys pop back on Saturday nights.  They are not as cheap and their taste is slightly more… slimy.

Oysters... VS

Chicken Wings... who wins?

I got the pricey feel of the place as soon as we walked in, and I really should have realized then and there that this wasn’t the right restaurant for the night, but alas my deep wallet-quenching desire for new and exciting food took hold and forward we barged.  Right into 35$ per 12 oyster packages…. none of which we were too thrilled about.  I mean, I liked the oysters (West coast more than East, whereas boyfriend couldn’t even stomach the West coast), but those prices are definitely not student-friendly.  In hindsight, I probably should have guessed that oysters aren’t priced to be a bargain.  Ah well – if nothing else, I’m still the sort of person to spend all of my money on great food rather then a great dress.  I don’t think that’s ever going to change.

But that place is really not the best for getting full.  Drunk and snobby, maybe, but not full.  Oysters, in all their raw glory are tasty if you forget what they look like, but they are all taste and no substance (not that that’s always a bad thing).  Unlike chicken wings.

Shame we missed the concert though – I heard someone got proposed to there! Next time I guess?


PS. Also – GOT ANOTER GUINEA PIG.  It’s name is Klutz.  I will post pictures once I take pictures.  It is ADORABLE.  Almost like a little puppy except it POOPS all the time.  So we have Ocya (Autumn) and Klutzy…. they are a cute little pair.


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