a beast that doesn’t quiver anymore

This is going to be a really short post because I’ve been pseudo-cleaning for the past two hours and now I realize that it’s time to go to work, but I still want to write something out, because I do stuff to make my life harder and more time-compressed sometimes.  That’s just the way I like it.

Anyway, yesterday, “good friday” was fan-diddly-tastic.  Queen St East (Beaches), outdoor patios, cigars, ice cream, beer, shisha… what  a day of youthful indulgence.  It cost me mad tips but totally worth it.  Seriously – Rose + Mint shisha?  Come to mama, baby, come to mama.

The shisha parlour was called “Markaz“, it was on Richmond St right off of University if anyone is interested.  Right beside Yuk Yuks… and it was fantastic.  The food there looks good too, but I only had some shisha and some Moroccan Mint tea there because we already ate elsewhere earlier in the day.  Anyway, the atmosphere is funkaliciously Arabic/Middle Eastern yet modern and I basically want to live in a house that looks EXACTLY like that.

What else… the beach was too cold by the time we actually got there – thanks a lot Canada! But it could have just been my fault for daring to wear shorts on a day that was forecast to be 25 degrees +…. You know how touchy Canada gets when I get excited for warm weather.  It’s all bitter… oy vey.

So yes, I don’t expect tonight to be incredibly long (ie shorter than 5 hours for sure) because well, tomorrow is EASTER and I love easter and as it happens so does the rest of Canada, and they prefer to spend that time at home instead of out cavorting at bars with strangers.  Whoodathunkit?  Yeah, I know.

I’m bringing my journal and a book (they’re always with me, you know.. literaphile and all..), so I don’t get too bored.  I also need to start eating healthier food again there… for some reason I get the feeling that double fried chicken wings + fries + nachos aren’t the healthiest of diets during work hours even.

Anyway, time to fly away.

Love you all – happy Easter tomorrow! I’m excited for all the food – what about you?  I’ll try to take artsy pictures and post them up tomorrow night.


PS.  The people we went with – my old friend Aamir and his friends from chef school Noelle and Jason – were so funny! Well worth it. Well well – I love you guys so much!

PPS. So, tonight was actually kinda busy.  Whaaaat?  No comprendo. Anyway, I love the people that frequent my bar – I love em almost as much as I love Paul, my barman.  But I also can’t get this song by homegrown T-dot homeboys outta my freaking mind:  Your Man by Down with Webster.  They got all signed and shit and their music is like… wicked not genre-specific = aka= nutso fun. I actually saw them in concert sometime last summer and they sure know how to pump a fuckin’ crowd up, seriously.


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