hey mlah mister, kwala sister sister, turn the radio onnn

I’m pretty boring party-wise, as far as 19-year-olds go.  The old men at my bar drink a lot heavier and a lot more often than I do.  They probably go to a lot more parties than I do as well…. but in my head I’m hoping I get laid more, although with Boyfriend and I’s living situations… that might not be the case.


I came home after work tonight and instead of calling people and being all “YOOO where the party at?!” I was all, hey, tea kettle, hey cup, hey tea bag, what’s up? Let’s have a boiled water party while I get all updated on my email.

See, I can have fun too!

No but seriously, tomorrow I’m going to work out.  I was going to go hand out resumes tomorrow, but I decided I’ll do that on Tuesday instead, after my teeth cleaning…


Seriously. So exciting = my life.



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