i don’t want to do anything day

Right now I can’t help but fall asleep all day.  I’m not sick, nor dying, nor overworked.  No, nothing of the sort.

I just really don’t want to do my work, and it is cloudy outside.

I think that warrants enough excuse to NOT do anything. Yes? Except that I need to bring in a draft of a paper by Monday to my Professional Writing class.. but you know.

Still confused about summer – get another job? Extra job? I don’t want to quit this job, I love this job.  Do I apply for that internship? How much do I want to work in the summer? I have to start making these choices now.  It’s already middle of March.

Time is like, all lightning fast and shit.

Fuck me.



One thought on “i don’t want to do anything day

  1. I feel ya girlie! All I do is sleep when I have two essays due next week.

    I say go for the internship since you already have a job but at the same time make sure you have yourself a lovely stress-free summer 🙂


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