i’ve always wanted a singing voice

Sometimes all I do when I wake up is have breakfast and play on my computer.  Okay, that’s a lie. I always do that.  My life isn’t very pressing right now, in the mornings. I like having lazy mornings.  They make the rest of my day so much more slow, so that I can appreciate it.

The point is that today was youtube day because for some godforsaken reason there’s no new episodes up of The Office or Grey’s Anatomy OR Kitchen Nightmares…. but I love listening to new singers and songwriters being all discovered and loved by the world from youtube.  So, through some other singers (namely, Alyssa Bernal and AJ Rafael) I found Kina Grannis, who, firstly, has the coolest, made-for-music name ever!  Along with the ridiculous intensity and the feeling that you’re interrupting a personal concert every time you listen and my overflowing love for Kings of Leon (despite their ginormous popularity explosion this year, which I generally don’t enjoy about cute in-between stardom and complete desolation bands, but forgive because they’re just so good) I bring you this video:


I think it’s pretty fantastic.  If you click through videos on her channel, you’ll find some amazing stuff too. The 2 others I mentioned are also great, as vague as that word is.  But I really can’t stop listening to Vanessa Hudg- I mean, Alyssa Bernal (who bears a really discomforting resemblance to said teen star?), what a clear, strong voice.  The fluctuations kill me.  And the fact that she’s signed with Pharell is well, like the extra chocolate sauce on my Sunday Saturday Morning Sundae.  WHATUP, I just thought of that. (It’s less cool now that I realized it’s Saturday, but still – SMS!)

I have work in like, 3 hours so I should probably shower and make myself look like a sober/awake/breathing human being and all that, and maybe throw some reading in before I leave. AND some chicken soup, because my family is fasting but since my mother knows that she has birthed two very avid (and rabid, which sounds like avid but intensifies the point I’m trying to make here) carnivores, she has made us meaty food to show us her love.  And we wouldn’t have it any other way.  (Seriously, if my sister and I don’t have some form of meat for like, a day, we start freaking out about not getting enough energy to survive and then dying and then blaming it on our family and making them feel guilty before we’ve even survived 24 hours without meat of some form.)

Clearly she learns everything she knows from me.  What a good, healthy, properly motivated role-model of a sister am I!

I know, I know.



One thought on “i’ve always wanted a singing voice

  1. Holy crapola! That girl’s voice is like buttermilk mixed with kitten fur. Love it. Arina, I love that your site is filled with little tidbits of loveliness. I am proud of you.


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