like cars, mechanics

We are not metals, but if we were, we would
have lots of valence electrons,
for bonding.

Think back.  You know you’ve loosened some
since then.  Covalents are rare,
there are not lots of good people.

Polar opposites not only attract,
but are greedy, hungry for
yours, don’t let go like cling-wrap
around a rotting canteloupe.

Lots more science words,
insert here.  Let’s go for coffee.
Something with steamed milk,
and something crunchy and covered
with chocolate,

on the side.

We are not metals, either,
but we behave like so many others out there,



3 thoughts on “like cars, mechanics

  1. Hi, I really liked this poem and the whole metaphor. I peek in once in awhile to see what you have written and enjoy your poetic voice, and your blogs are very entertaining as well. It always amazes me when someone can communicate TONE through the written word and you seem to do so eloquently! Look forward to stopping in again!


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