never say no when you can say, y-YESSSSS!

Hi you,

Just popping in, seeing how you are.  Thought I would bring you a nice, organic sandwich.  (We live downtown so this is totally accessible to me).  I have also brought you fresh loaves of rosemary bread.  And some apple cider.  We’re in love, if you can’t tell by now.  You live above a pizzeria either north on Yonge or west on College.  Preferably west on College. We’ve made friends with the owners so they basically feed us a lot of pizza, but we can’t eat as much as they give us because we’ve realized that not only does pizza feed our hearts, it feeds our hips, too!  So we give away pizzas to the homeless guy, Sam, that lives on the street corner.  We work really cool jobs that are flexible, well-paying, and fit our interests (design? sales? teaching? broadcasting?).  We have decorated our apartment with a fusion of Russian/Persian/Canadian knicknacks and if you ever needed a picture of home, that would be where we live.  We have a bedroom window that faces East/South ish, so that late morning we get beautiful sunlight on our bed.   We have a lace throw on this bed from my greatgrandmother that looks stunning when the sun hits it.  You want to lounge in that sunlight like a cat.  You want to suck it into your skin and say you’ve been outside.  You want to forget about all the other things: the sandwich, the job, the homeless guy, and just sleep in that spot of warmth for as long as it takes you to stay eternally happy (ie. forever).

Oh, I’m sorry! The internet is here.  Hello, welcome to my non-life.  I really wanted to write this post about relationships.  So much for that.  It is Fantasy Thursday, I say!  But really.

Advice for Relationship-Dwelling People

– Learn to appreciate the good things, and say that you do so.  People don’t say encouraging things as much as they do put-downs, and it’s a hard thing to learn, but completely worthwhile.

– A dance can be a dance, or it can be a dance!

Kiss often.

I don’t have a lot of advice, but this is good shit, trust me.  If I could tell you when a relationship is good or bad I would be writing a book about it and making millions of dollars.  But I’m not about to go and philander my way into a book deal about something I’m not sure about.  That would be a misrepresentation of who I am, which is why writing tends to be so challenging for me when I do it – I have a hard time deciding on my feelings and opinions.  So, writing tends to be something I do very very often in the heat of the emotion, and why it becomes so hard for me to edit afterwards.

After I’ve lost the initial sweep of it, it’s impossible to get it back, which is why then, I have to start reanalysing (why is this word not spelled with a z? Really, now) it and understanding my written piece from an outside perspective.  Which is kind of cool because it’s like a natural form of objectivity, except that my mother would just ever-so-astutely call it forgetfulness.  If I end up understanding where I wanted the piece to go, I start rewrites.   If I don’t, I leave it until I do.

This happens often, and then I end up forgetting about the piece overall and then I am sad because like “I haven’t written anything good for so lonnnnnnngggggggggg,” and then I go through my journal and I find a poem I wrote and I’m like, “Oh! Well, couldn’t that just be fantastic?” And then I “toot my own horn” as they say, or “self-congratulate myself through food” as I say, or “actively pursue gluttonous behaviour” as God would say, and start jumping up and down, poetically.

That’s about all the inner thoughts I can handle today. Hopefully I make some cash dough cheese tonight.

Today, passport getting ready stuff, reading, and showering, probably.  Before work. (After might be a little too late.)


P.S. If you’ve never gone latin dancing (or to a club that has this sort of dancing), you are seriously missing out on some of the beautiful movements of the human body.  You are missing the expression of active beauty through the bodies of complete strangers, and it’s hard to believe what a spiritual experience it can be just to watch them.  If marriage is “two people becoming one,” then dancing like that is the wedding. So unified, working with each other, anticipating each other’s every move.  This is marriage counselling.  Relationship counselling.  An uplift of the soul.

Quick step step.

Step step Back.

Step step Front.

Quick step step.



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