look, i’m giving a cigarette to a baby!

I’m a pretty big teeter-totterer regarding big holidays.  For example, I didn’t buy anyone (except my sister) gifts for Christmas.  But I love the food related to the winter holidays and the family bonding time (nevermind the free time I have because I’m off from school).  Valentine’s day?  There’s only so many times I can hear how “over hyped” it is, how upsetting and demeaning for single people, how it’s just a corporate play on the consumeristic nature of the North American people, blah de blah de blah.

The point is – participate if you want, and if you don’t want, just enjoy the pink and red everywhere.  Red (<- proof that wikipedia has articles on everything) is proven to be a hunger inducing colour, and pink is an assertive yet soft tone that clashes awfully with red but is paired together with it anyway, god knows why.

The point is, watch more Robin Williams talking in a French accent (because French – love), laugh your ass off, and drink some wine.

But seriously, that’s my favourite man on the planet.

Apart from that, I’m actually buying into the whole. Valentine’s thing because well, The Boyfriend’s and mine anniversary (2 years!) is coming up on the 23rd only because 2 years ago when we were still just friends I sent him a rather pissed off text after not having received anything to prove his love to me about me “hating Valentine’s guts” and he chickened out.  But then, a week later he called it “Arina Appreciation Day” and gave me a poem and all was well.  SO, technically, this is our almost-pseudo-kind-of-not-really anniversary, which is mad cheese, but we enjoy it as such.  🙂  Plus, I’m not going to say no to a cooked meal by him! Really now, would you?

I wish you all a good long weekend and some lovin’!


PS. I had some issues with my work this weekend, regarding them not telling me I’m covering a shift that I usually don’t do.  ANYWAY, that’s why we’re doing our dinner tonight and not tomorrow, because tomorrow I’m working all day. ALAS, as Robin Williams says… “Life ees shit, get to know thees!”


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