so here’s the deal



Helloooo, I am edible. RUB MY BELLY.

Preferably, that one.  Seriously.  My boyfriend’s friend just got 2, and I just don’t see how that’s fair when last time I checked I had 0.  2 is more than 0, and that I didn’t need my grade 5 math to tell me.  Seriously.. there is no way that 0 of those wonderfully adorable little mammals is better than 2 of them. Except there is less pee on my floor.  BUT STILL. It’s little pee.  Like, little mini droppings of happiness.  Like, you don’t get upset when your fish pees in the aquarium, do you? No.  (Do fish pee?)  You don’t get upset when a CareBear© shits rainbows, do you? NO. Exactly.  This dog is like a fucking Chocolate-covered happiness-inducing bag of laughing gas with fur.  AND IT IS SO CUTE, it just snuggles up into you and falls asleep on it’s back with its belly all up and cute and shit and you just rub it and they STRETCH, which is even CUTER.

In other news, I went to an 80’s themed party last night at said dog-owners house and it was pimp, but I currently am not in the possession of any photos from the night, because it is the day after and clearly everyone is at school/not on the internet and therefore I cannot get them. I DO, however, have this little gem (ie I spent an hour waiting for my boyfriend to pick me up and decided “what better way to waste my time!?” than do this.)

I am an 80s gangster. What do you call people like that?

So, well.  I hope your day is now both cuter and more weird.  It could make sense that it would be both, given the pictures in this post.  Don’t you just feel like posting pictures somedays? Really though?

As for the puppies, I have wanted a dog for my entire life. YES it is a big commitment and CLEARLY my parents have shown that they do not trust me with it, and will never, and are NOT willing to help me with it, but that’s okay.  I am perfectly happy taking care of this myself.  I have a job, I have a friend who is a dog lover (in case I need to go somewhere etc) and I can do it.  Plus my parents will fall in love with it because it is OHSO tiny. I swear. I promise.  It is my mission.


I don’t know why I did that.  Was that a tv show? I don’t even know.  Who cares. Most importantly, I haven’t updated in several days because sometimes I am either always working or always writing shit (ie. essays, not incredibly genius works of art) and therefore that leads to a drain in creative capacity for writing anything else.

However, today I brought you puppies, so shut your mouth.  I’m going to go look at puppies tonight with my boyfriend (because he will get me one, I know he will, eventually) and IF MY PARENTS ARE READING THIS – tough cookies.


Okay, I should probably go to class now.  Hmm…. I’m already at school and everything!

Love you all, fellow internet compatriots,


Gripe here!

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