the freckles in our eyes are perfectly aligned

Does anyone else think that Jacques Servin is THE SHIT? I randomly picked up NOW! Magazine on my way to work from York today because I had nothing to read on the bus, and I read this article about the Yes Men, who are apparently guys that just, fake being important people to represent shitty giant corporations and FUCK. THEM. OVER.

I know what you are all thinking, and I’ll say it for you here:


I mean, I don’t know about you guys, my readers, but I often get the feeling that the world is smelly, veiny, old, kind of blue-cheese tainted BALLS.  These guys remind me that sometimes, having balls is not a bad thing.

Speaking of MIS-representation, in Canada (Oh, the Great White North) on our radios, we have trends just like elsewhere in the world.  In fact, mostly like our Evil Twin Brother, the States.  Many top 40 stations have been playing this song called Fireflies by Owl City and it took me a long time to put the name of the song, the band and the actual music together into one entity.  And then I realized how MUCH it reminded me of something else I’d heard before.  It stumped me for weeks.  Days, even.  And I knew I had heard those riffs somewhere, I just couldn’t quite put my pick on it.  And then my friend Peter (thanks Pete!) facebooked a quote by Chris Walla from this article at Exclaim: “Owl City should really consider buying Ben a pony.”  Peter sums up this conundrum in a nice way, so instead of trying to explain it to you guys, I’m just going to illegally quote him here (and gramatically corret him for the face value of my blog, obvi), and then possibly link him to the page :

Chris Walla is in Deathcab for Cutie with Ben Gibbard. Ben is also in a side project called Postal Service. Postal Service is poorly imitated by Owl City. Some would call this imitation “plagiarism” and as such, could argue that Owl City owes royalties. A pony is a funnier way of saying it.

So there you go.  Problem explained?  The reason I couldn’t put my finger on it is because I listen to so much swoopy, instrumental music that it gets confused in this little brain of mine.  Anyway, the Postal Service is an amazing band.  Stunning music, beautiful lyrics, so emotive.  Owl City is like a Panic At the Disco’d version of Postal Service – mass produced for tweens with shitty shittiness of shit.  Owl City basically ruins the good that Postal Service creates.  So, BOO OWL CITY, BOO.

And in accordance with my solidarity, here’s some Postal Service for ya’!

I haven’t even watched the video, but I love listening to them on Sundays.  Sundays are a good day for Postal Service.  Except that you can’t GET postal service on Sundays…. HAHAHA. Get it? I’m so funny. Don’t deny it.

Anyway, apart from these things my day was a waste.  Fucking labs.  REALLY, COLOURS CAN BE BROKEN UP INTO RAINBOWS? FUCK YOU.  FUCK RAINBOWS.


Tomorrow, essays on James Joyce and then a concert of traditional Persian music.  Because that’s how I roll.



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