Hello again, internet.  It’s been a long time, in internet time.

Nothing much has changed, except that I’m currently reading more and thinking more about school (trying to, anyway). I have 2 essays that are going to be due within two days of each other, both requiring external sources and several edits.  Oh, boy.  Maybe I can start one today?  That would be swell, but chances are that after I do some work on it today I won’t see it until the day before it’s due, namely Sunday, February 7th at 2pm, when I will start freaking out because clearly, what I will have written today will be utter crap.

I’m going to try to break free from these procrastinating holds that bar me from simple life, and get started on this shit.

I also have a poem about caffeine and kissing in the works, but clearly, that’s not written either.   However, stating my intent here on writing it gives me more encouragement to actually do it, since, well, it’s out here for all of you to see.  I can’t NOT deliver on a promise that I make to the internet! Blasphemy!

This week I actually had some rather exciting news regarding writing and all that!  A while ago (in December), I read that York (my university)’s main newspaper, Excalibur, was going to be doing a Creative Writing supplement – poems, prose, everything non-typical reporting galore.  Of course, me not enjoying journalism that much, I jumped at the opportunity to actually get other things published of mine.  So, I decided after careful deliberation of three minutes (ie. gut feeling) to send in two poems.  And guess what, they liked them! I mean, I’m not even going to think about the fact that they probably had little to no submissions, just revel in the fact that yes, both were published, and they’re even in an online version!

Therefore, I will share the links with you to prove this exists. The first is called golden child, and the second is august (for lack of a better name).  What peeves me about the second one is that they put in some random photo of St. Lawrence Market instead of Kensington, which is a BIG difference in Toronto – they have absolutely different feels about them.  But I’m not going to be picky – in the print version it doesn’t even look like it’s supposed to go together, and that guy was probably excited to have his photo printed too. So whatevs!

So that’s about it with me – today I’m trying to be productive and tonight maybe go play some pool with a friend.

Ciao. Arina.


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