That stupid, “I’m coming out” song, but better.

Oh gosh, oh gosh, oh GOSH.

I know this is the sort of faux-pas that a noobie blog poster commits (two posts in one day, WHAT?!), but I simply can’t help myself.  SLUMP? WHAT SLUMP.

I’m kind of schizophrenic in my moods, and that has already been established, but never never never have I been so re-invigorated. Maybe all of my sadness was stemming from not doing anything earlier.  But that is obviously going to change, RIGHT NOW.  I just read this article in the Atlantic about good teachers, and how Teach for America is encouraging and finding ways to evaluate teachers performance based on students test scores, and the fact that they’re changing the way teachers TEACH in America.  This is AMAZING.  I could rant for days about uninspired teachers and worthless public school systems and I don’t even have to mention that all of those movies about teachers succeeding and getting their students excited about learning make me cry, literally.


Really, though.  I cry a lot these days, but not because of these movies.  But if you really want to know more about me, know that these are the movies that can drag me out of my moroseness within milliseconds.  Inspiring and full of confidence and “grit”.  It makes me want to go into teaching again (apart from cooking, publishing and physics?!).  It lights something in me that I forget while I’m reading books and writing words. And that is the desire to not only learn but to teach.  I can’t forget that.  I need to work toward it, as much as I need to dishevel myself occasionally and realize that I can’t sit on my ass and expect life in all it’s aspects and strings to come to me.  I need to work towards something.  I need to understand more.  I just need to know more, but to do that I need to go out and find the places that can teach me.  So I’m going to start becoming involved again, at York, in life, with writing.

I am bouncing back and it only took like, 2 months of whining.  Hahah….. oh well though.

I guess me and December/January really don’t get along, but that’s just something that can’t be helped.  I also can’t sit here pitying myself.  I am a person that has a lot of knowledge and I need to stop squishing myself down to small-size.  Because, babes, I am large and underrated.  I have a lot to share.  And it is time I did just that.

Ciao. Arina.

PS. Notice how my writing becomes totally erratic when I’m excited? Yeah, that’s how my brain is too, right now.  But that’s okay.


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