It’s time for movies.. and tylenol 3

Mmm… laughing gas.  I was almost affronted when the surgeon’s aid told me to take deeper breaths – I wanted to stay in that happy zone for as long as possible.  I think it’s a great feat of science that my face hasn’t ballooned into exponential sizes. My boyfriend called and informed me that when he got his wisdom taken out he was bed ridden for 2 days and couldn’t say a thing.  But then again, he’s kind of prone towards illness and pain.  (Case in point, right now, he has a giant gash at the bottom of his spine that has to be stuffed full of alcohol-soaked gauze every day).

At least I got all of them out and I don’t ever have to deal with wisdom teeth again.  Now, I am going to go watch Ugly Betty.  My sister also got a rotten tooth pulled today – she thinks its cute because we’re sisters and we get our teeth pulled at the same time.  I think it’s painful and I’m angry that she gets to eat warm soup and I don’t.  Grr…

Ah well.  Soon, my steak will come.

Ciao. Arina.


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