party in the u.s.- BLEEEEEEEEHHHHHH

Sorry, I couldn’t finish that sentence, because my EARS WOULD BLEED.  Usually, I am pretty passive about teen/child pop phenomenons, in that kind of “I hope you get gonorrhoea sooner rather than later” way.  This song, though?  This girl? Holy crap, the girl is like a mass-produced piece of self-image wreckage for girls all over the U.S. and anyone the world over owning radio OR tv sets.

She tries to make patriotism look sexy! Did you notice (unless you are BLIND) that giant, sexy unrolling of the United States flag behind her as she was “nodding her head like, yeah” and “moving her hips like, yeah”.  Apart from the fact that you can’t really compare anything to the word yeah unless it is the word yes, and therefore about 2/3 of her lyrics don’t make sense (too bad it’s even worse because it is highly susceptible that she even WROTE her own SONGS – whhaaaat?!), she is also one of the latest manoeuvres of the government to brainwash children into not questioning via Miley Cyrus.  While, yes, I admit, that sounds a little bit harsh it is also probably true.

Okay, but I didn’t come here to talk about government conspiracies.  I was doing my daily Reader intake when I saw LiLu’s post and the video she was sent of the song mock-up by some guys on the beach.  This mock-up is MAD funny – my favourite part is when they move their hips (like yeah).  And while I do NOT enjoy spreading this god-awful song I think it’s important to make fun of things I hate in order that I feel I’m doing something to express my anger in a kind of….. productive way.  Less malevolent.

So here’s that video…

And we’re going to ignore the fact that I watched the original to see what parts they took from it.  I’d say they generally got the right feel down but from this moment on am cleansing my brain of anything that I saw within the last half hour.

However, that is already too much pain for my morning.  Yesterday was Russian Orthodox Christmas and my family had all of our family friends over.  It was a drink-fest (I think we had 3 bottles of wine, champagne, rum, cognac, vodka, and something else?)  but we’re allowed to do that on Christmas.  Also, the food was incredibly tasty and lamb is slowly becoming my favourite meat EVER.  My sister and I got some cool gifts, including but not limited to a legit copy of The Sims 3 and the expansion pack for World Adventures.  Now, I’m not a geek or anything – but THAT GAME is so FREAKING WICKED.  Seriously.  Mummies, martial arts and tombs.  It is a cool cool cooler than ever expansion pack for any version of sims ever.  I am not exaggerating.

Another thing that’s been going on lately is that my boyfriend is kind of in dire need of a surgery that the Canadian Health system is not prepared to perform ASAP.  Literally, what they told him at the hospital is “It’s serious, but we can’t do it here”.  Good FREAKING job, Canada.  Maybe I’ll evade my taxes this year.  I mean, I won’t, but the idea is good revenge dream sort of stuff.  Seriously though – hospitals have a way of disappointing those that live here, but this is just ridiculous – he needs surgery or else paralysis is possible.  Seriously possible, and that’s not a big enough matter for them to operate immediately?  Fuck that.  Seriously.  Readers, give me your hospital horror stories so I’ll feel better about this….. 😦 Please?

I have faith things will work out though, because I feel that if I lose that all will go to shit.

I’m reading Wuthering Heights today and doing some science homework.  I kind of love having only 2 days of school per week.  Not gonna lie.

Ciao. Arina.


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