Just to share..

Okay, today was oil painting attempt day – and here is the result.  It only took me.. er… 4 hours straight?  I haven’t eaten since this morning and am very hungry but very happy with it.  Or at least I know my grandfather will be.  Next picture I want to try a lot more stuff, a lot more colours.  It’s weird when you’re copying off a picture because you’re scared to get anything wrong, and it just always looks a little off.  But next time – abstract!


My grandma, (Marga)Rita

Also, I wanted to show you guys a video of a Russian song I am LOVING right now… (mostly because I know very little OTHER songs, ALAS, whatevs.)

I hope that works.  Isn’t she stunnin’? (Ie. her boobs are floatation devices, oh man, in that water scene?)  Plus, you have to appreciate a woman that will do that whole sexy water flip thingy in like… a pond.  Go Russian video directors!   Mmmmm St. Petersburg….. *sigh*  What I enjoy about this video is that it has very little sense, and absolutely not a single relation to anything she’s singing about.  That and the fact that she jumps from being a normal looking lady to this Anna Kournikova sexy knock-off club-going doll – that tends to form a pretty big trend (note: ONLY trend) in female Russian music videos.  See: Russian female group, Viagra.  You heard me.

Tonight I’m going to go see some of my university friends that I haven’t seen in MONTHS.  Hopefully things will go well, if not.. well… welcome to the holidays.

I need some break time from my 12 hour bar shift yesterday, oh man.  If God exists, he really doesn’t like me.

Ciao. Arina.


7 thoughts on “Just to share..

  1. Thanks a lot!

    It looks kind of cooler in person, you can see all the wicked brush strokes and stuff, which is what I think makes oil painting amazing in the first place, but yeeeh as long as it looks like a person, s’all good hah! 🙂


  2. Russian women are alarmingly beautiful in some cases.

    At least, that’s what I see in the media. My only real experience with a real Russian woman was this short dwarf with lots of body hair and some odor issues…

    I met some nice, pretty Slavic girls in Serbia though! I guess that’s almost the same.

    I like the painting. You look quite similar 🙂


  3. Dwarf with body hair eh? Maybe you should hit up the other, other side of the post-Berlin wall apart from Serbia (which could be 3 other countries by now). Our language is actually very similar as well.

    As for our females – they’re either like really dolled up or their look like this:


    But mostly hot. 🙂


  4. Hum… me personally, I’m not into tall girls (despite the fact that I’m 6’5″…)

    But I think many guys are! As long as they’re pretty. Most tall girls (in my opinion) seem ‘stretched’. It’s rare that I see a beautiful tall girl, but maybe I am biased — I do like short girls.

    No idea on the domination thing. Can’t say I’ve ever been dominated by a girl. I think that way around is relatively rare… 😛


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