Ohhhhhh! Aye sho crazhhyyyyy!

I need to update this… thing on the past two days but now is not the time to do it.  Now is the time to link to my wicked friend Mehek, who blogs for MuchMusic.  She does a review of concerts and uncovers wicked indie bands from across Canada and the world for MuchMusic and I laav her.

That is my spreading of goodness for the day, but oh man do I have stories for when I have some time to breathe.  I just need to mull them into perfection while working 15 hour shifts at my 2 jobs over the next couple days.  I’m sure that’ll work yeah?

With 60 kids screaming my ears off?

Okay, well maybe after Christmas.

Oh, Christ!

Ciao.  Wish me luck.


Gripe here!

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