Do I need a catch-phrase?

I’ve been thinking about that ever since I started this blog.  All good, well-known blogs have not necessarily catch-phrases, but main themes.  What is my theme? What will get people to read me and relate to me? Maybe I’m getting caught up in other people again, but the point of this is to get my writing out there, right?  And if I have a subject that people can relate to, or laugh about or even hate.. that would help.

  • YORKU COMMUTER?  That’s kind of lame.
  • Canada thinks you suck? – Or What’s Wrong with Oh-Canada. But that should really be a blog written by my boyfriend, not me.  I mean, I really love this country despite that people here are brainwashed tv-holics with attitude problems as well as hedonistic and non-relational tendencies.  I really love this place!
  • Communism’s take on Canada -Ctoc.  That could be kind of cool, except that would make me research the shit out of topics every freaking day before I could ever be happy with my posts.  It would be like having essays to write for fun.  And I don’t know if I’m crazy enough to venture there, although it IS a great idea.
  • The Truth about Russians?  I don’t really know that many Russians… apart from family and family friends.  I never went to school with any (except when I took dance classes… waltz, ballroom, etc – like all good Russian girls).  I barely even read Russians – I am still waiting for time and patience to pursue War and Peace and Dostoevsky and everyone else too.  Nursery rhymes that I grew up with don’t count (except that, well they’re really not nursery rhymes but in fact poems the length of entire books, kind of like The Illiad, but whatever).  I would only be able to tell you the truth about me… and I’m pretty sure that’s not too out there.
  • Russianadian: why communism spit me out and The Queen (or her estranged cousin) took me in.  That sounds like a good name for a memoir but I’m nowhere near the age where I could be writing a biography of auto proportions.  I haven’t even really DONE anything yet except “be me”, you know, because that’s such a bloody accomplishment.
  • Poor Little Middle-Class Girl In Every Respect but One: I is a foreigner, so I am above you.  I think that would grate on people’s nerves but partially, that is the way I think, selfish, rude, or deluded as it may be.  Well, I’m not above you, per se, but I feel like because I’m from a different part of the world I can get out of this entertainment obsessed nation scot-free!  I don’t know whether this is true or not, and I’m sure I am a hypocrite on many accounts, but the thing is that I at least realize how stupid the way I’m living is, and the way people living here are (sometimes! I don’t generalize, obviously).  I’m kind of Horatian in that way though (woohoo I am already using my English class knowledge for self-important uses!), because I think that people CAN get better, I just think it’s easier to move to Europe.  WHICH REMINDS ME: My favourite tombstone – Oscar Wilde in France somewhere wrote, “I don’t mind Nature, but I prefer chairs.” Deep, romantic sigh.
  • I’m out.  Anyone out there have any ideas? I guess it’s hard to give ideas when you have absolutely no ideas as to who the person is, but it’d be nice to hear something regardless.  In fact, a COMMENT would be nice.  Is anyone at all reading this?  Might this as well be the private journal I keep on my bedside table and glue rose petals into?  For some reason I get the feeling that Sebastien (my macbook) wouldn’t take too well to rose petals being glued onto the screen.  Truth is, you probably wouldn’t even see it.  How sad.  But nobody would see it anyway because nobody reads this goddamn blog.  Goddamnit.

One last thing that I would like to bring up today is that I am kind of a lover of old people.  And I don’t mean sexually, although if you like that, good for you! Down with ageism and non-saggy pussies and all that!  But onto what I actually meant to say, which was that I get along really well with old people, which is why I love the bar I work at so much – it’s like an old-people galore!  They are nice and when I do nice shit for them they thank me!  Even on the bus, how many times have I given up my seat!?  Millions.  Okay, well, not millions but LOTS.  Nobody else does! I don’t know why.  I guess the U.S.S.R. did teach us something legitimate, apart from the fact that you should protect your rogue missiles instead of scattering them over areas that might very soon become their own countries and inherit said missiles.  We learned that lesson, for shizzle.

Today I study.  Tonight I party.  Even painted my nails (not really evenly, but I tried, I’m sure my boyfriend will appreciate the effort!)

Next time : Sergery Lazarov…. mmmm cuter than Beckham. And sings! And is Russian.  (Thought I should throw that in there, in case you’re STUPID.)

Ciao. Arina.


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