Best Breakfast Ever.

A dollop of farmer’s cheese (tvorog) with sour cream, honey and raspberries.  A hard-boiled egg.  A cup of Earl Grey with 2 brown sugar cubes.  Four mini-sandwiches with cheese and a special cold cut.   Oh tasty morning.

But really, if I have time, I make the best breakfasts ever.  Sometimes I go a little too hardcore on the fattyness but this morning I actually felt incredibly good and healthy about myself.  I even put honey and raspberries on my tvorog instead of jam! 🙂  That just makes me feel so happy.  And full.  And tasty.  Well, I don’t feel tasty, but it was tasty.

Today is my first exam – EN 1001 – An Introduction to Literary Theory.  I think it will go okay – I have read all of the books for it, which is more than a lot of people have done.  And I’ve gotten B’s consistently for all of my essays (except that last one..) which is encouraging.

I don’t really have much of substance to say right now, I just really wanted to share my breakfast with you guys.  It’s a shame I ate it all before I could snap a picture with something.

Also, practice empathy.  Whether people are from China, Ethiopia, Romania, Brazil, Yemen or Canada – we are all the same because we are human beings.  That’s where a lot of people go wrong I think – where I have gone wrong for the past little while.  I have forgotten to practice it, since it is not a given talent but a learned skill to empathize with people.  I miss my humanity.

Ciao. Arina.

PS. Winter Song by Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson is stunning, and I listen to it all of the time.  I heard it first being covered on an MTV show whose name I forget, but I fell in love when I heard the original.  It’s perfect for winter, is it not?  Even if it was called something like Flower, I would associate it with cooler weather.  Just the whole slowness of it all, reluctance included.


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