a rum and coke, please

So it snowed yesterday! For the first time, on December the 9th? What the fuck, Canada.  Anyway, I’m super happy – it’s beautiful outside and I don’t really have to leave, ever.  Thanks to exams and work I might get some fresh air, but apart from that – no.

I wrote this a few weeks ago.  I’m a little iffy about the ending – I want it to have a stronger punch.

I wrote up my Christmas list and it’s pretty giant – mostly books on it though (as in, what I’m getting for other people.) Time to get cracking! I can’t believe there’s only 2 weeks left… how did it come to this?!



the type that trips you on your feet.
Glasses clink and hands
like sailboats in a storm: drawing out
some truth, a picture amidst
the big, thrashing pool.
Eyes rimmed not by glasses
face puffy and pink,
like a newborn:
drunk on placenta,
throwing punches.

Blink blink blink
let your face get swallowed
by the pillows of your hands,
sleep streaming in through
your fingers.  Standing
on uneven ground,
falling into even
madness.  Everyone’s your enemy.
Everyone’s your friend.
You are walking the paradox.
Stumbling on contradictions.



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