Russian Pop and Persian Trance

Hello assailants of the interweb!  How are you?

I am doing pretty okay, except that I have a big bone to pick with bureau-crazy (you know you love that)! I lost my Russian passport (when I realized I couldn’t find it in my house..) a month or so ago and I need it this summer. Since I didn’t know the serial number (because who DOESN’T have 10 copies of their lost passport right?), my trip to the police station was pretty much a waste, except they gave me a nice form to fill out.  Apparently you need the number in order for them to put a block on it with their system, and so I need to go to the embassy and find all of that information out before I can even block the passport, before I go BACK to the embassy and re-submit all of my documents and then wait 3 + months to get a new one re-issued.  Mmmm… I mean, that couldn’t possibly be any easier right?

Oh well.

I am currently not attending my Rhetoric tutorial because 1. it is commencing as of 8 minutes ago and 2. there is probably nothing of importance happening.  So, like I promised myself, I will be doing important things today that will make my life a little bit easier in the upcoming week, such as working on essays and final assignments and such.  And while I have not actually started working, I have gone to the gym and watched Four Christmases with Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon – it’s very Hollywood, as expected, but cute nonetheless. I feel like all movies are these days are cute.  Do you ever feel like that?  I’ve really been into international cinema over the past year – it has so much more diversity and stories without happy endings.  I’m tired of fairytales when nothing of the sort happens in my own life.  I prefer real to imaginary.  Not always, but pretty often.

So today, I am:

  1. Brainstorming for my Rhetoric portfolio//finding the proper articles to analyze
  2. Finishing Hamlet//Finishing Aspects of the Novel by E.M. Forster// organizing thoughts about essay
  3. Doing laundry.  Maybe.
  4. Reading The Educated Imagination by Northrop Frye.  Maybe.
  5. Breathing. Absolutely.

At least I went to the gym, if nothing else gets done.  But no, it really needs to because otherwise I’m screwed.  See, tomorrow, I go to school until I have to go to work, which is until a good 2 am; Thursday I have school early morning until I have to go to the cemetery to commemorate 6 months since my grandma passed away; Friday I have some time to do homework until I have to do other things (I’m sure there’s something I’m not remembering right now); Saturday my dad and grandpa are leaving for Russia in the morning and I have work from 5 – close; Sunday is the DAY OF DOOM, the day before everything is due (I love how it always ends up like this).  Both my Shakespeare essay for Intro to Lit is due on Monday as well as my portfolio for Rhetoric.  But, Tuesday is my last day and then exams start up! Huzzah?

The 11th is also my holiday party.  Mmmm… party.  I think one of the days before my exams start I will have to write out a list of all of the books I’ve read this year. I think it’s pretty imperative.  It will make me feel accomplished, I’m sure.

Also, as a final note, yesterday was my mommy’s birthday! She’s still a young filly (what am I talking about?!) and the most wonderful person I know, as well as my best friend. We celebrated last night and oh how I love Italian pizza and some Pinot Grigio.  Mmmm…

Okay, time to get to work! I think that if I work for 45 minutes I can gift myself with an episode of Ugly Betty – what do you think? Well, as I have no readers I’m pretty sure you don’t think anything, but I’m going to ask and expect a rhetorical “yes” response.  Good strategy, Arina, I applaud myself.

Ciao. Arina.

PS. The Russian Pop I’m referring to is a song called Sladko (Sweet) by Serebro (Silver), and the Persian Trance is Man Ageh Nabasham by Kamran and Hooman.  I am a woman of the world, I promise you. You should check them out though, they’re very upbeat and happy!


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