Black Friday

I wonder where “black” friday comes from: I have never been privy to the workings of Canadian, and therefore even less so American, public holidays.  For example, I just don’t understand Boxing day, or Halloween – which should be as anti-American as you can get, being a Wiccan (and not Protestant, Catholic, or Jewish) holiday – one that celebrates the spirits of the dead.  The only reason that I can think of for them to incorporate it would be for commercial and health reasons.

  1. Premise: American people are fat.
  2. Premise: On Halloween, people buy millions of dollars worth of candy.
  3. Premise: Fat people eat things, and like eating things that make them so (not including genetically obese people or diabetics – that would be mean, right?)
  4. Conclusion: Companies can make millions of dollars by catering to the generally stout public and commercializing on something that is theoretically anti-American because it gives fat people a legitimate excuse to be themselves, thus self-actualizing their demented consumerist mentalities.

I could do on and on about things like this but I’m doing this old school (ie. with a pen and paper, … well not anymore, but when I first wrote my draft) in the fanciest waiting room of a private clinic that I have ever been to.  Needless to say I braved the rather nice American border guards on a Black Friday After Thanksgiving to support my significant other in a costly but quick attempt to get an MRI.  For those that would have instantly jumped to a Grey’s Anatomy inspired conclusion of, “Oh my god does your boyfriend have a brain tumour?” I am saying “No.”  Actually, I’m saying this to everyone else to, although you mean less to me because I am jealous of your non-addiction to stupid unrealistic tv shows with tragic love affairs.  Moving on from my desperate need to reveal weaknesses of my private life to the internet, the reason we’re here is because Canadian health care, as all-encompassing as it all is, takes freaking forever.

And that is a discussion in itself.  But now that my lovely, deluded little love is done with his fancy procedure, and I have drank at least 30$ in their complimentary drinks, I am going to postpone the health care discussion for another time.  God knows I have enough personal evidence to back up my bitterness, but today I have to pay attention to the things I am paying mad money for – university.  Just so, you know, I don’t fail.

My favourite part of this MRI clinic was their brochure, which serves a niche of society that is “widely statured” and therefore they provide a “wider opening” for their MRI machines in order to accommodate them.  Oh, America.

Funny thing is that I only bought one sweater on Friday… so much for the sales! Our dollars are almost the same!

I did however go shopping with one of my longlost friends yesterday at our mall – got a nice deal on some body butter from The Body Shop.  The best part about that store is that I don’t feel guilty for buying anything there – fair fair fair! I love it.  Also, got some MAC liquid liner… it is absolutely divine.  It’s a shame, however that it only comes in black.  What I wouldn’t do for a deep emerald liquid liner.

So anywho, this was my distraction from the fact that I should probably clean up my pigsty of a room and get cracking on my film analysis for my Professional Writing class… it’s kind of sad what I have to look forward to, isn’t it? Ah well.  Pay my dues, and all that other bullshit.

Ciao. Arina.


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